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Who is Stewie?

  Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we spent lots of time at the beach and on boats - fishing, swimming, wake-boarding, and just cruising.  The water was and still is where we find our 'happy'.   The Gulf of Mexico is home to a number of species of wild dolphin, and seeing them jump and play is truly extraordinary.  There was one dolphin, in particular, who we used to see every week -- he had a wonky shaped dorsal fin, so he was pretty easy to pick out from the pod.  One day we started calling him Stewie, and the name just stuck.  We would always look forward to seeing our friend during trips out to Shell...

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Our Story!

We are 3 girlfriends who grew up in the 30A area...we spent our days at the beach and our evenings dreaming big dreams.  We lived for the weekends when we could go out on our family's boat, hang out on Shell Island, and see the wild dolphins swim by.  The salty air, the warm sun, and laid back lifestyle were everything! We each moved away for college and started careers in other cities and states, but the beach always called out to us.   We had an 'a-ha' moment after our most recent girls trip this past November.  We knew we wanted to work together, to see each other more often, and to create something that reminded us of the...

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